If the title has caught your attention, think back to all the sleepless nights before your maths exams, or to your droopy eyes in science class. Ah! The days when you wanted to quit it all, but somehow managed through it half-heartedly. 

When you see people around you building a career in math and science, do you find yourself in a quandary? Let’s be honest, no one would want to pick a career path in a field they dread. We are not here to encourage hate for math and science, but rather to convey that it’s okay if these subjects are not your forte. No matter how much everyone makes you believe it, not pursuing math and science will not destroy your career. There is so much more to life than math and science, and your career should be aligned with your interests. Let’s explore other promising career options for those of you who want to give up this dreaded duo.


As a profession, lawyers are in great demand today. Law is an exciting career, as well as a lucrative one. Are you a strongly opinionated person who loves to state facts? If you are nodding your head, pursuing law might be your cup of tea. 

If you have ever enacted a court case as a play or fun activity, you would know the rush of adrenaline it brings. A lawyer is a professional who attends court hearings to defend clients with their knowledge of legal studies. One can opt for different areas of specialization such as civil law, criminal law, labour law, international law, patent law, and more. This profession is meant for individuals who have a knack for understanding and questioning legalities. Furthermore, law students can build careers as legal advisors that various companies and institutions require. Legal advisors don’t practise law in courtrooms, rather offer advice and guidance to corporations, governmental bodies, and other organizations of high authority.


International relation is a dynamic field of study that offers numerous career opportunities. It deals with interactions in different sectors of various nations. Since globalization has gripped the world, it has increased the interactions of nations for political and financial relations, emergency aid, tackling climate change and more. If you are excited about relationship building between nations, international relations may just be your calling. 

Studying international relations opens job opportunities such as political analyst, policymaker, public affairs consultant, and diplomatic service officer. You may also get to work with international organizations like the United Nations and ASEAN. It is a great career for those who possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.


Journalism is one of the most significant career options when it comes to making a difference in society. Journalists are considered to be the watchdogs of society and play a major role in the development of a nation. 

Contrary to popular belief that a journalism career refers only to news reporting, there are numerous areas of specialization in this field. Based on your skills and interests, you can become a photojournalist, copywriter, PR specialist, news editor, broadcast journalist, or media researcher. Further, journalism graduates are also recruited by corporate communications companies, marketing agencies, law firms, and more. Journalism is fast becoming a popular career with aspirants looking out for opportunities to hobnob alongside influential people and celebrities as an added perk. 


Anthropology is a branch of social science that involves the study of the origin and development of mankind. Anthropologists study the past of mankind in aspects like archaeology, customs, religions, social play, biological evolution and more. If you often wonder about human evolution and are intrigued to unravel more fascinating facts, anthropology might be what you have been looking for. 

There are various fields where there is a need for anthropologists, such as within education, social welfare, entertainment, in museums, and at art galleries. You may consider a career as a researcher, consultant, or field investigator. As experts in human behaviour, anthropologists are valuable to mankind as they explore the different ways that humans interact with each other and how this behaviour shapes societies. 


Are you interested in knowing how a society functions? If the social behaviour of different cultural groups, societal institutions, and the interactions between people catch your attention, sociology might be the career path for you. 

The roles and responsibilities of a sociologist involve collecting and analyzing data from reliable sources and using it to make new theories about how society functions. Sociologists work in many fields – as teachers, guidance counsellors, market research consultants, social workers, and more. If you are someone with a high emotional quotient, being a sociology teacher may bring you immense career satisfaction. 

Get help finding your cup of tea

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