“Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it.” – Pursuit of Happyness

It all begins with a dream

Have you ever noticed how a child is not afraid of the dark since they don’t know what dangers might occur? Or how a toddler draws bold lines on a blank sheet of paper because they don’t know any better? Uninhibited, unfiltered and free – that’s how a young child is, and that’s exactly how our dreams are – unchained and unrestrained. Dreams fuel our drive to achieve what we set out to do. They ignite our passion to do something new. With a career quiz program it is easy to unleash the power of dreams.

Believe you can

Dreamers are believers. They believe in themselves. They know that their dreams can’t come true simply by wishful thinking. For every dream to turn into reality, it has to be supported by facts, knowledge and most of all, a plan. Those who dream are open to possibilities. They know that their idea might undergo several modifications, new approaches, or even restructuring. It requires spadework, efforts, and consistent work to carry out one’s dreams. It’s completely natural to encounter fears, doubts and uncertainty. Self-doubt, parental concerns, and societal pressure – anything can create roadblocks within a journey. What is important is to have a firm belief in oneself and one’s abilities to be able to go through all kinds of turmoil. Most dreams are built on a nascent idea, which gradually takes the shape of a structured plan, finally taking concrete form. Dream all you may, and know that you have the power to be the kind of you that YOU choose to be. 

Dreams need a plan

All dreams bear the risk of appearing unreasonable or unachievable. Create a blueprint, storyboard or simply jot down ideas about what needs to be done. Writing it down has proven benefits. For one, the dream starts to no longer seem unattainable anymore, as you can see it taking shape and form through your words, drawings or vision boards. Secondly, when each step is attained, checking them off the list can bring a sense of satisfaction. Real-life stories of real people prove that if one puts their mind to it, anything is possible.

Born into a middle-class family, Narayan Murthy always dreamt of becoming an engineer. He cleared the IIT entrance,but couldn’t pursue that school as he wasn’t able to afford the tuition. He joined a local engineering college instead. He encountered many ups and downs before he started Infosys in 1981. Today, he is known as the father of the Indian IT sector, is listed among the 12 greatest entrepreneurs in Forbes magazine, and is the recipient of Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shri, the highest civilian honours in India. His life is a true example of how planning, persistence and hard work can make one’s dream come true. Nike founder Phil Knight,Walmart founder Samuel Walton, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison – those who all began with very little, created success sagas with drive and a dream. 

Make it happen

The first step towards attaining one’s dream career is to get up and work at it because dreams work when we do. Break the dream down into simple goals. Goals are just dreams with deadlines. Once your career goals are aligned to specific timelines, you are ready for the next step – taking action. Begin with small steps, but be consistent. Make it a habit to celebrate the small wins. Every small accomplishment paves way for the next step, with renewed confidence and strength. In order to continue on the path to your dream, you need to have someone who can nudge you in the right direction – a mentor, who encourages you to never give up. A mentor is someone with knowledge and experience, who guides you through your journey. They are someone you look up to for advice and guidance, and help you focus, by setting goals and providing feedback. The extra push that you get from your mentor keeps you going. Every step taken brings you that much closer to your goal. 

If you dream of becoming an artist, start building your portfolio. If your dream is to be a photographer, start practicing your photography, take part in contests, and get tips from experts,so that when the time comes to talk about your aspirations, you have substantial work to showcase. Also, many colleges give credit to a body of work that a student may have accumulated during school. The career quiz program of LaunchMyCareer provides you within-depth guidance to navigate your career path and make your dreams come true. Log on to LaunchMyCareer, to know more.

Dreams may change as you grow older, and dreams may evolve as interests and goals change. What remains constant is the fire with in, fueling your drive.