Need a leg up on the competition to find your next job this year? Well, there are a few skills that employers look for in candidates no matter what the position is and having them increases your marketability to recruiters. 

When looking for prospects for their organizations, employers are likely to prioritize evaluating attributes that you have included on your CV or resume. There may be extremely specific knowledge, skills, and talents required for a job, depending on the industry and profession you choose. 

These are complemented by general skills and behaviours that are necessary to be effective at work. The key employability skills for your job application are commonly known as transferable skills that you will use as your career progresses. These are the basic competencies that will help you be successful at work, no matter what kind of job you end up with. Consider them your ticket to professional success! 

When drafting your application or CV, you’ll need to make use of your professional experience to demonstrate these abilities. Now you might be thinking, what kind of skills do we consider the most employable skills for 2022? Fear not! For your ease, we have compiled a list of the most employable skills for 2022 that employers look at. 

Market and business awareness

Understanding how a business or the respective sector functions and what drives a company financially is important. Demonstrating your awareness of the organization’s goals for its services and products, as well as how it competes in the market, is what will help you stay competitive. An understanding of the business and its marketplace is highly sought after by recruiters in both the public and private sectors across all industries.

Communication and interpersonal skills

Written and oral communication are the two main styles of communication, and they both depend on the ability to process, analyze, and translate information and ideas. In order to effectively communicate your message to a listener, you must ask the appropriate question, gather any information you require (from an email, text message, phone conversation, or video chat), form your opinion, and then clearly articulate your ideas. Communication is indeed one of the evergreen job skills that will be in demand from hiring managers.

Your interpersonal skills are how you apply your communication skills and abilities to interact with the public and your coworkers. When cooperation and collaboration are necessary, interpersonal skills come to your rescue as they facilitate communication and smooth interactions amongst each other. Employers search for candidates who have these skills as they desire employees who can work well in teams. This skill set enables you to succeed in any line of work by assisting you in understanding people and changing your approach accordingly. Strong communication abilities accompanied by good interpersonal skills can help prevent conflicts and build enduring partnerships.

Teamwork skills

Teamwork involves being able to resolve disputes amicably, work together, and exchange ideas. Any person who is part of an organization or who collaborates with others on a regular basis needs to have strong teamwork skills. They involve creating cooperative working connections to support everyone in achieving both personal and professional objectives. Regardless of your position or industry, many employers look for candidates that have a strong team player spirit when hiring new employees.

Computer literacy

Being capable of using a computer is a must for almost every professional and has become an imperative skill in an environment that has adapted to the logistic constraints of the pandemic. Include this skill on your resume to demonstrate to employers that you have at least a basic understanding of computers as many positions require in-depth computer knowledge. Make sure to emphasize your advanced computer skills on your resume if the position you’re going for calls for them. Some of the computer competencies to remember to emphasize are word processing, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, creating and managing social media content, doing data visualization, and email communication.

Self-management skills

The skill set that has gained a considerable amount of attention is “self-management,” which includes things like active learning, learning strategies, resilience, stress tolerance, flexibility, etc. Self-management abilities enable you to schedule your time effectively and maximize your output at work. These abilities guarantee that you properly prioritize work-related duties, concentrate on your professional development, and contribute to your organization as a whole. Time management, diligence, organization, and self-motivation are effective self-management skills to list on your job application or CV.

All things considered, one can say with certainty that these skills will make you stand out in front of an employer whether you are seeking a promotion in your existing organization or planning to join a new company. For more guidance, reach out to LaunchMyCareer today and seek one-on-one consultation from our career advisors.