The very mention of Italy and delectable cuisine like pizzas, pastas, and lasagne begin to tickle our imagination. Along with being renowned for cuisine, Italy also offers good quality education for international students. There are many reputed colleges and universities that offer great learning opportunities and professional qualifications. Italy is among the most student-friendly destinations of the world owing to its safety, affordability, inclusive community and friendly people. If as an Indian student, heading to Italy for your education has been on your mind, this Italy study guide for students is worth a read. 

7 reasons to study abroad in Italy

Several good universities for international students

Italy is a popular destination for education with the presence of several renowned universities. Most of the top universities open their curriculum to international students. Some of the famous universities of Italy are: 

  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Sapienza University of Rome 
  • University of Naples Federico II
  • University of Padua
  • University of Siena

Affordable accommodations for international students

Italy is considered to be one of the most affordable European countries. The average monthly expense of living in Italy including food, transportation, rent, etc. is approximately 700-1,000 EUR. Cities like Padua, Pisa, and Turin are cheaper in comparison to cities that are regarded as the prime locations of Italy, like Rome, Bologna, and Milan. However, all Italian cities are known to offer a comfortable lifestyle and are safe for students. So, you do not have to worry much about draining all your savings into living costs. 

Easy to travel and explore

Transportation services throughout Italy allow easy access to travelling without burning a hole in your pocket. There is a well-planned network of buses, trams, trains, and metros connecting to different cities. There are around 70 railway stations along with airports that connect most of the major cities in Italy. If you want to dive into culture and ancient history, Italy is the place to be. The approximately 51 heritage sites spread across the country speak volumes of the rich cultural and artistic heritage. As you take a break from your studies, you can explore beautiful Italian cities with scenic landscapes and a unique old-world charm. And the best part is, the travelling costs in this beautiful city are quite student-friendly

Plenty of English courses to choose from

If language is a barrier that makes you hesitant about considering going to Italy for your education as an Indian student, fret no more. There is a wide range of courses from humanities to sciences that are taught with English as a medium of communication. You will have to pick and choose the right courses based on your area of interest and college preference. 

A healthy balance between education and recreation

While studying in Italy, you will do so much more than just acquire a quality education. Most universities in Italy emphasize the holistic development of a student’s personality. Educational institutions promote a healthy balance between education and personal life. Along with studying hard and excelling in various skills, you will get sufficient opportunities to immerse in the beautiful experiences that the country offers. 

Relish flavourful Italian cuisine 

No matter which country you belong to, you must have tried or at least heard about delectable Italian food. Italian delicacies are considered among the most flavourful in the world. Who mustn’t have heard of pizzas and pastas? Furthermore, many Italian recipes are easy to cook. Understandably, as a student, you may not want to splurge on food. To save time and money, you can learn to cook easier recipes or sometimes try out street food stalls. Getting to savour world famous cuisine counts as one of the top reasons to study abroad in Italy. However you prefer to eat, just make sure that you are spending wisely so that paying your bills come month end is not hard on you. 

Soak in remarkable art, architecture, and fashion

Italy is one of the biggest hubs of art and architecture. The country is home to classy and ever-evolving fashion trends. There is a lot for a student to learn and witness especially if they choose a program in one of these fields. The entire country is filled with mind-blowing art and architecture. 

When it comes to fashion, Milan Fashion Week trumps it all. Get ready to soak in a heady mix of art and fashion when you choose destination Italy as your education partner.   

Through this Italy study guide for students, you must have gathered that there is so much you can explore while studying in Italy! Studying abroad can be a tough and confusing decision to make owing to various factors like affordability, distance, staying alone, college choice, etc. Reach out to international career success coaches at LaunchMyCareer to get complete guidance about the right program and college suited to your personality. LMC offers self-discovery tools like a personality test and live counselling sessions to help you create a personalized learning path. LMC helps you to unlock your true potential and navigate a plethora of opportunities with clarity for a great career.