Imagine having a friend who speaks fluent French just like you. You two can talk about anything in front of people and they will not know what you’re saying because they aren’t multilingual. 

Remember when knowing a foreign language was a big flex? Being multilingual can still open doors to opportunities in your career. You can pursue a career in a foreign language after 12th. From acquiring new job opportunities to building connections and experiencing the fun of travelling, a career in a foreign language involves developing your knowledge of different cultures, people, and languages around the world. 

Benefits of learning a new language

Brings out creativity

One of the instant benefits of learning a new language is the ability to be more creative as a result. The education of a foreign language program goes beyond simply teaching students vocabulary, grammar, and other fundamentals. The immersion method encourages students to study, comprehend, and adopt the relevant cultural norms and traditions. 

Enhances employment opportunities

The internet and technological advancements have greatly increased global connectivity. Each day, many businesses all around the world enter new markets to grow their operations and reach a global audience. As a result, businesses are constantly searching for talented individuals who speak one or more languages besides English.

Opens up opportunities for travel

Learning a second language has several advantages other than expanding your employment options. You will find it simpler to go to various parts of the world depending on the tongue you learn. For example, if French is a language you study then it will be easier for you to live in France, Canada, and many other francophone nations in Europe and Africa. 

Language skills improve networking skills

When you learn a foreign language, you open up to the traditions and culture of that language. You will be able to better accept and value other people’s actions and opinions. You will have the advantage of viewing the world from a different perspective. In exchange, you’ll be able to speak intelligently and with greater depth about how everything in the modern world is interconnected. 

Enhance your connection to other cultures

Culture and language are interwoven and complementary. There is a benefit from learning a new language. Gaining knowledge of a distinct, fascinating culture can help you to appreciate the history, civilization, arts, and customs of the people who speak the language in question. A fascinating world of entertainment is also available to you through music, TV shows, and movies.

Career options in foreign language

Career as a translator

You can choose a career as a translator in a foreign language. Translation is the process of changing the language of something to make it understandable to a certain audience. Assuming you are a native speaker fluent in Hindi and know English well. You would be the ideal candidate to be a translator because of your abilities in both languages. You would be in charge of translating ideas, intentions, and words into another language. It is a highly rewarding job that is performed primarily in the background. Some of the best literary works you have read, for instance, have been translated from their native languages. The translation profession is one of the most lucrative career alternatives in languages due to the high pay.

International sales marketing 

The international sales marketing industry is always looking for bilingual job searchers. It is a dream job because it is challenging to act as a global sales marketer for B2B dealings. The majority of the firms involved are always eager to spend a lot because they are aware of how difficult the negotiation process may be. When you are multilingual, you can be an effective salesperson negotiating contracts between international companies. Countries like Spain, Portugal, and France are explicitly looking to cooperate with India on a bilateral basis. There will be many chances for you to visit foreign countries. An international sales marketing job in the export and import sectors may be made possible by multilingualism. The pay for speaking a foreign language is also typically high.

Linguistic tour guide

If you can say more than “hi” in a foreign language, being a tour guide can be an ideal career option for you. After gaining proficiency in one of the languages, the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, issues licenses to linguist guides on a regional basis. There are a ton of jobs available in the tourism sector. Some of the languages on the list are French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Persian, Romanian, Turkish, and Dutch.  

Flight attendants 

Another sector of the tourism and hospitality sector where language learners can benefit greatly is this one. Consider becoming a flight attendant if you find the idea of getting paid to fly to be to your liking. Most airline companies are looking for flight attendants who can speak at least one foreign language. 

Jobs in embassies

You wouldn’t anticipate the ambassador serving as the front desk receptionist for the rush of incoming calls and visitors to the embassy. There are linguistic jobs in the embassy for the same reason. You can accomplish that using your foreign language abilities. Additionally, you can work as a support officer, a logistics administrative specialist, an IT specialist, a client executive, and more. The honour of working for your country’s or another country’s embassy is one to treasure, and embassy jobs pay well. Generally speaking, qualifications and abilities outside of knowing a foreign language are also necessary.

Being proficient in a foreign language can help you earn a decent salary. A foreign language careers’ salary in India can range from INR 6 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs. Learning a foreign language can be a great career option and help you explore the world more independently, and possibly discover more interesting paths. If you want to make a career path in a foreign language then reach out to our experienced career counsellors at LaunchMyCareer. Their guidance will help you move in the right direction.