Imagine seeing a beautiful dress at a mall. It is love at first sight! Starry-eyed, you go inside but you have to part ways with the dress when you see the price tag. You cannot buy it because you have to save money for other expenses. As a college student, money is always an issue. You want to have fun and enjoy your life, but maintaining a tight budget ruins the fun. Life would have been much better if you had a side income. Well, you need not worry. You can earn while you learn. We bring to you some of the best side hustles you can take up to make the most of your college life.

How and why to start a side hustle?

These days, students face more expenses than ever. Pocket money is not enough to bear these expenses. Students need to start side hustling. Gone are the days when college degrees were enough to land a good job. Today, organizations look out for those candidates who possess skills and learning apart from classroom theories. Side hustles not only help students to earn money but also polish their skills. It enables them to learn many transferable skills like communication skills, critical thinking, and time management that are extremely important in a career.  

Side hustles provide both extra income and personal fulfillment. Working on something you enjoy will allow you to learn new skills and build something you can be proud of. In this case, the extra money is simply a bonus. Starting a side hustle is no big deal, you just have to take the first step. As Heath Ledger aka the Joker said, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.” You can start by selling art or providing a freelance service. 

Check out our list of the best side hustles for college goers:

Sell original art

If you think you have the magic of Picasso, then this side hustle will be right up your alley. You can find art lovers everywhere – from college professors, to your landlady, to friends and family. The advent of social media has also made marketing a cakewalk. You do not need to make a heavy investment – just your art supplies, a smartphone, and a basic knowledge of how to use social media are enough to build your brand. Creating an Instagram account for your artwork can do wonders in bringing in customers. So paint away, and let your wallet tinkle. 

Content creation 

Content is the king of the internet. People love content that is funny, relatable, and sometimes nostalgic. If you love creating short videos, have an opinion on something, or want to talk about your subject in a fun way, content is the real deal for you. You can also start a blog about anything, like cooking, music, dancing, art, literally anything in the world on platforms like Blogger or WordPress. If you have a phone with a good camera, you can even start vlogging by creating your own YouTube channel. Podcasts are a cool way to earn good money. Popular music apps like Spotify and Amazon Music promote podcasts and they are liked by a wide variety of audiences. Sure, this won’t give you immediate money-making opportunities but it will help you to build a community. Once you have a genuine community, you can monetize it. Gradually you will find brand collaborations coming your way when you have a decent number of followers.   


The freelance industry is booming these days. If you are good at graphic design or content writing you can offer your services for a fee. You may not have a great number of projects in the beginning, but it is a good way to earn some income on the side. Freelancing does not need to hinder your studies, as you can work at your own pace. 

Open a thrift store

Sustainability is gaining popularity among the youth. A lot of environmentally conscious people prefer thrift shopping rather than fast fashion. If you are someone who has a lot of unused or rarely used clothes, you can open your own thrift store on social media. There is no investment required. All you need to do is create a social media account, upload pictures of the items you want to put up for sale, and get going. In future, you can incorporate other facets of thrift shopping, like home goods, as part of your expansion plans.

Perform gigs

If you are a performing artist who sings, dances, acts, or recites poetry, you can earn by performing at events. You can look out for restaurants and cafes to perform for a live audience. Wall art or street painting offers many opportunities to earn. If you are good with portraits, you can take them up at parties, fairs, or corporate events. Artists can also display their talent on the streets for people to pay for whatever they want. The act of performing on the streets is known as busking. 

Data entry

For students, data entry jobs are a good option to earn money while sitting at home. All you need is a knack for accuracy and some numerical skills. Data is usually sent via email, along with its source. A set of instructions is then given to you. All you have to do is follow the instructions and complete the required tasks. It’s fairly simple and brings easy money with minimal effort. 

Along with helping you earn extra cash, side hustling will help you develop skills that will last you a lifetime. These  hustles and the skills you learn at them are a great value add on your resume. Creating a community during college will help you even after you graduate. Regardless of the method you choose, each one will assist you in the journey to financial independence. 

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