There are over 7 billion people worldwide, each with different dreams and aspirations. Choosing
a career and landing a job in that field is a means to make those dreams come true. When
thinking about careers and jobs, some people mistake them for the same thing. However, they
are not; a job may or may not be related to your career.

Although both jobs and careers provide avenues to earn money, a high-paying job does not
guarantee a successful career. Due to challenging circumstances, you may pick up a job that
doesn’t align with your interests or further your career of choice. Alternatively, if the job you
choose aligns with your passion and goals, achieving career success becomes much easier.

What is the difference between a job and a career?

  • A job may be short-term; a career is long-term

A career is a long-term goal. It is a journey you undertake to achieve your goal and fulfill your
passion. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a successful career.

On the other hand, a job often is a short-term aspect of your career. The word ‘job’ is an
acronym for ‘Joining Other’s Business’. A job consists of daily tasks and duties that a person
performs in return for remuneration, and you may need multiple jobs to build a successful
career. However, if the job that you’re doing does not relate to your desired career roadmap,
then it won’t benefit you in the long run.

  • You can have many jobs in a lifetime, but only three to five careers

An individual may have a large number of jobs throughout their life, but typically no more than
three to five careers. For example, an engineer may work for ten or more companies over the
years, with the transition between each being relatively straightforward. However, if they want
to become a marketing management professional due to a change in interest or circumstances,
a lot more work is involved in making that transition. They will likely need to research, study, and
perhaps even take courses to navigate this new career. In short, one may be able to change
jobs quickly, but every career change takes a lot of time and planning.

  • A job offers an income; a career offers satisfaction

A job provides you with a regular paycheck and financial stability, whereas, a career is an
amalgamation of all the jobs you have done to reach a certain place of satisfaction. There are
two kinds of people; those who are doing a job, but may or may not be happy with it, and those
who enjoy their work and are highly satisfied. People with a clear career goal tend to remain
motivated and work hard, even during difficult phases in their professional life. Being career-driven keeps you focused on your ambitions and helps you to work towards making your
dreams come true.

  • A job is what you do for a living; a career determines your standard of living

Choosing a career pathway influences the kind of life you will lead, where you will work, and
everything else related to it. People who are more focused on the job at hand than creating a
career often invest more time in repeating routine tasks and ignore working on new skills.
Alternatively, having a career goal helps you look at the bigger picture and envision your
complete potential. Being career-oriented goes beyond prioritizing the benefits of salary,
pension plans, and bonuses: it gives you a sense of professional pride and increases your self-
worth. You will need to constantly evolve with time and may need the changing dynamics of
career fields to unlock better opportunities and enhance your standard of living.

Assess yourself to achieve success

Careful assessment of your strengths and weaknesses is an integral part of choosing your
career. Similarly, being passionate about your career is an integral part of creating a successful
life. There’s nothing wrong with being a job-oriented person, but it is advisable to never
completely let go of a larger career goal. Creating this shift in your mindset will help to maximize
your full potential. In order to get a better understanding of your professional priorities and align
them to your goals, you can get help from career counsellors. At LaunchMyCareer, our
experienced advisors help students and professionals in the process of self-discovery, so that
they can create a clear picture of their career aspirations.

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