“Your career is like a garden. It can hold an assortment of life’s energy that yields a bounty for you. You do not need to grow just one thing in your garden. You do not need to do just one thing in your career.”—Jennifer Ritchie Payette

It is a natural human instinct to second-guess our decisions. Sometimes, evaluating and re-evaluating the choices we make leads us to think we could have made a better decision. However, there are some paths we cannot go back from. Fortunately, it is not the case with our career choices. It is possible at any point in life to make a career shift. Read on for fresh insights on how to make a career change and some of the best career change options.

Before you make a change, ask yourself what the reason is for making a shift. Once you are sure of your real reasons, it becomes easier to eliminate options that might share characteristics with your previous career path or are currently undesirable to you. It will also bring about more clarity for you regarding what you would like to do and might enjoy pursuing.

Looking for a change? Figure out why.

You could have various reasons for why you are looking for a job change. A toxic work environment can induce it, not seeing growth in your career, not getting along with your coworkers, not enjoying your responsibilities, not having a good work-life balance, or even simply being bored of the work. 

These days, especially since the onset of the pandemic, people have been switching their full-time in-office roles for flexible remote jobs, which help them take care of themselves better, stay healthier, and have a better balance in life. 

When making a career change, you can start by assessing your current skill set and checking if your new role requires expanding your skills. Figure out which existing skills you can use in your new career, and which ones you need to work on. Acquiring new skills in today’s digital era is as easy as ordering food! You can learn anything online, all it takes is the motivation to learn. 

It is important to prepare for the inevitable friction of change and seek the right support. Although sometimes shortcuts are convenient, few exist when you’re attempting to achieve a genuine professional shift, so get ready to run a marathon rather than a sprint.

Follow these 5 steps to make your career transition smoother

Research alternative careers to pick the one that fits

Research as much as possible about the industries and job roles you are interested in. You can search the web, read relevant articles and news, and talk to people who already work in the field.

Upgrade your skills

Once you have decided which field you want to explore, look for opportunities to upgrade your skills to bridge the gap between what you already know and what you need to know.

Networking is key

Networking may feel unnatural, but it helps to surround yourself with people in the field who can guide and support you as you take up a new role. Their experience can be of great value. Get talking! 

Refocus your resume

Before applying for a role in any new field, take time to edit your resume. Highlight transferable skills that are ideal for the unique role that you’re applying for. Make sure to spend time on your cover letter about your desire to work in the field.

Be confident in yourself

It isn’t easy to invest in something without having a guarantee of returns. Such uncertainty might make you not want to pursue this shift at all. Have confidence in yourself – you know what you are doing better than anyone! Step into the next phase of your professional life with confidence.

No matter what path you take, always make sure to assess your needs and wants and act accordingly. Career changes can be due to several reasons, including burnout, and if that is why you are looking for a job change be sure whatever you do next feels fulfilling and maintains your well being. 

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