Growing up, children may reveal different facets of their personalities. Some may be outgoing and chirpy, some may be quiet and reserved. Regardless of their personality type, all children are unique and have particular traits that need to be nurtured for them to fully bloom. Introverted children, however, may require an extra nudge from time to time.

Introverted children are usually fond of playing alone, or with one or two children. They like to spend time reading alone, painting, playing computer games, or doing other solitary activities. Introverts gain energy from being on their own and find the company of too many people bothersome. They enjoy one-on-one conversations more than group activities. 

Contrary to popular belief, introverts can be highly sociable and possess excellent interpersonal skills. What differentiates them from extroverts, is that they need long stretches of uninterrupted solitary time to gain energy.

How to help an introverted child?

Being an introvert in a largely extroverted world can be distressing. Schools encourage class participation activities, workspaces promote networking, and society thrives on small talk and community building. Under such circumstances, introverts find it tough to adjust and parents constantly wonder how to help an introverted child. Here are a few pointers parents can follow to help their introverted children adjust better: 

  • Accept them as they are and embrace their uniqueness
  • Provide them outlets for self-expression, like setting up a painting corner or a reading nook
  • Respect their need for privacy and avoid pushing them into group activities against their will
  • Teach them to understand and celebrate their uniqueness
  • Assess their strengths and encourage them to build on them

Introvert child’s career guide

Introverts have a bigger need for personal space than others. They require long stretches of individual activity before they can mingle with others. As such, the best careers for them are ones that encourage solitary activity, one-on-one interactions, and very few group collaborations. 

With this introvert child’s career guide you can find great careers to explore based on your child’s interests and aptitude:

  • Graphic design: Graphic designers use custom software to design visuals that communicate ideas, themes, and strategies. They create designs that enhance the aesthetics of websites, brochures, flyers, social media accounts, books and periodicals, and more. Graphic designing is largely a solitary activity that requires spending hours on conceptualizing a design, creating it, then fine tuning it as per the clients’ demands. If your child is good at computer design or art, they will likely find graphic design to be a fulfilling career. 
  • Accounting: Careers in accounting involve dealing with in-depth calculations, account analysis, and maintaining ledgers for companies. Accountants work in banks, businesses, government agencies, or as sole proprietors. They create financial reports, develop organizational accounting policies, and manage the daily operations of accounting departments. Accountants mostly work on their own and do not have to be a part of team meetings on a daily basis. This can be a great career for introverts provided they are good with numbers and possess a strong numerical ability. 
  • Content management: In this digital era of content marketing, content managers are in high demand. Content management involves creating both long- and short-form content for blogs, websites, internal and external communications, and more. Content managers ensure that the short-term communication strategy of an organization aligns with the overarching brand guidelines. They usually work on their own, writing content or getting it from a team and then proofreading and editing it as per requirements. This well-paying career with an immense scope for growth is great for introverts. Many organizations encourage a work-from-home model, which is ideal for introverts. 
  • Clinical psychology or behavioural therapy: Introverts tend to be great listeners, and are often good at observing other people’s behaviour. A career in clinical psychology or behavioural therapy that involves individual counselling can be a good career choice. Behavioural therapists work with patients suffering from depression, ADHD, eating disorders, or anxiety, etc. They listen to patients and help them to change their responses in a positive manner. 
  • Research: A career in research involves spending hours in the laboratory or field. Researchers have to go without human interaction for hours, sometimes even days, on end. What could be better than this for introverts? If your child is inclined toward science or in-depth research, this can be a great career for them. A specialization in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, engineering, physics, or even marketing can all be good options for careers in research. Today, many large companies and startups hire researchers to study market trends and identify niches for products to fill. 

At LaunchMyCareer, we believe that everyone has the right to a successful career. Register your child with us to take a focused personality quiz and discover how their unique traits align with their aptitude, interests, and skills. If you have been on the razor’s edge thinking about how to help an introverted child, you have come to the right place. LaunchMyCareer applies a set of distinctive tools to help children explore a multitude of careers and make an informed decision to lead a happy and fulfilling life.