“Now what will you do in life?”
“You didn’t even make it into medical school!”

If you have been subject to such remarks when you didn’t clear the medical school entrance exam after going the PCB route in school, you have landed at the right place. We appreciate your fighters who are willing to make it big in life, come what may. It can be a hard pill to swallow that you didn’t make it right away into a career you have been so passionate about.

Remember, it is not the end of the world. If you gave it your all but somehow didn’t end up clearing the entrance exam, there are many other opportunities for you to explore. It’s okay to feel let down for some time and get up again at your own pace to carve out your new path to career success. There are several career options for PCB students for you to explore. You don’t have to change your path altogether to explore more career options after the 12th PCB – there are plenty of careers within minor deviations from your original plan. You are not stuck because of this minor setback. Every day is a chance to try again.

Here are some cool career options after the 12th PCB except medical

Atmospheric and space scientist

Yes, becoming a space scientist is a real career and not restricted to just fiction. As an atmospheric and space scientist, you are considered to be a storm chaser. Sounds cool, right? Atmospheric and space scientists keep an eye out on issues like climate change, ozone depletion, and more. For a career in this field, you need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in space science and, if you want, follow it up with a master’s degree. Space scientists can seek work opportunities in broadcasting, federal government organizations, and more.

Health and wellness coach

With growing awareness about fitness, the demand for health and wellness coaching has increased over the years. These professionals are sought after by wellness companies, gyms, clinics, and hospitals. Alternatively, they can also start their own ventures. A health and wellness coach helps clients to set and achieve their health goals such as losing weight, boosting energy, managing stress, building muscle, and more. To become a health and wellness coach, the minimum requirement is to be a graduate in public health, dietetics, health education, or another relevant field.

Yogic science and naturopathy

If ancient science, holistic healing based on natural principles, and spiritual well-being intrigue you, you can become a yogic science or naturopathy professional. Yogic science and naturopathy are among the most traditional professions which go back to ancient times. You can even set up a resort where people go for wellness retreats. As a natural healer, you can make a big difference in the lives of many. People are becoming more open to the positive effects of yoga and natural remedies on mental and physical wellness. To kickstart a career in this field, it is best to take bachelor’s studies in naturopathy and yogic sciences.


Nowadays, mental, emotional, and cognitive behavioural issues are openly talked about. Clinical psychology is a branch of science that is related to assessing and curing psychological issues. A clinical psychologist is a professional who has acquired special training for diagnosing and treating emotional, cognitive, and behavioural problems.

If learning about human psychology excites you, you can pursue a B.Sc. in psychology. To get access to better work opportunities and expand your knowledge base, you can take a postgraduate degree. This opens the door to some lucrative career options after 12th PCB except medical, like being a counsellor, researcher, psychotherapist, human resource manager, or social worker.

Microbiology scientist

A lot happens in the world of microbiology. Finding new microbes, discovering disease-causing or curing microorganisms, developing antidotes, and more cutting-edge biology at the smallest scale is this field’s focus. If diving deep into the world of microbiology and contributing to better solutions for good health piques your interest, you should consider pursuing a career as a microbiologist. Every day brings the possibility of a eureka moment as a microbiologist!

Environmental researcher and lawyer

Environmental science is fast becoming a popular career choice with a growing interest in environmental issues. There are different areas in this field that one can choose based on their interests. For instance, you can work with the government and be involved in the planning and management of environmental policies. As an environmental scientist, you can conduct extensive research and put forth innovative solutions for major environmental issues.

Becoming an environmental lawyer is yet another pathway that you can take. These professionals are responsible for handling matters related to company policies relevant to environmental impacts. Environmental lawyers often visit courtrooms, attend client meetings, and sometimes travel across the world. Environmental science opens doors to multiple career options for PCB students.

It’s cool to seek advice for your career!

If you need more clarity to choose the best career options after the 12th PCB, get in touch with LaunchMyCareer. Our certified international career success coaches will guide you on the path of self-discovery and enable you to develop a clear vision to pursue a career that is truly meant for your aptitude and personality.