Up until the last decade, sustainability was the exclusive forte of environmental activists. However, today sustainability has become one of the foremost concerns of global organizations, governments, industries, and even children. With 15-year-old Greta Thunberg and many of her counterparts stoking the fires of a sustainability movement, the world has woken up to the stark reality of environmental degradation with a jolt louder than before.

Everyone is gradually getting wise to the realization – it’s now or never! Heightened awareness and a growing sense of responsibility have enhanced the interest of youngsters in careers in sustainability management in India. 

Towards sustainable living 

If you are keen to preserve the world for future generations and work conscientiously in the field of sustainability, here is a list of 7 careers in sustainable development in India that might interest you: 


Ecologists are those who study living organisms and their relationship with the environment. They conduct in-depth research about environmental problems and their causes and offer solutions. The field of ecology is vast and offers a myriad of career opportunities in the fields of ecology, environmental restoration, natural resource management, etc. To become an ecologist you need to have a graduate or postgraduate degree in ecology, environmental science, ecological science, or allied fields. 

Marine biologist

This is an exciting career for those who have a natural aptitude for marine life. A marine biologist is a scientist who studies the ocean and aquatic life comprising marine plants, animals, and microscopic organisms. Marine biologists carry out experiments on marine life, rescue and rehabilitate marine animals, and monitor marine life and its behaviour on a regular basis. Life in the ocean has a great impact on human existence, hence a career in marine biology provides great avenues to find solutions to problems created by climate change and pollution. A graduate or postgraduate degree in marine biology, aquatic biology, animal science, conservation biology or related courses can enable you to pursue a career in this field.

Sustainable sourcing manager (fashion)

As an industry, fashion generates a humongous amount of waste. A career in responsible fashion is what you need to join the sustainable movement. Sustainable sourcing managers look for innovative and sustainable materials to supply to the fashion design industry. It is the duty of sourcing managers to maintain a safe and trustworthy ethical compliance program for factories and suppliers. For this, you need a strong grasp of sustainable sourcing criteria as well as legal aspects of sourcing. A graduate/post-graduate degree in fashion marketing and design management or fashion design, or a diploma course in supply chain management can pave the way for a career in this field.

Air quality engineer

The role of air quality engineers is to monitor the level of toxins and pollutants in the air and offer solutions for improving air quality. Air quality engineers work with manufacturers, developers, project managers, government agencies, or meteorological departments to maintain and manage air  quality. To be an air quality engineer, you need a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering. Those who want to explore more options in the field can consider obtaining a professional engineer (P.Eng.) license. Among all careers in sustainable development in India, air quality engineers are in high demand. 

Environmental geologist

The role of environmental geologists involves studying the interrelation and interaction between the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and humans. Environmental geologists work towards providing solutions to problems related to pollution, natural hazards, and waste management.  The minimum eligibility to pursue this career is a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or geology. 

Renewable energy analyst

This job is about developing sustainable energy plans and models for buildings and factories. Energy analysts typically measure the efficiency of renewable energy and suggest ways to harness new sources of renewable energy. A bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field is required to join this upcoming field. This is quite a popular career in sustainability management in India.

CSR Manager

CSR or corporate social responsibility is a conscientious arm of every organization. CSR managers ensure that the organization conducts activities related to social and environmental sustainability on a regular basis to spread awareness and establish its presence as a responsible entity. Their role involves suggesting and implementing strategies to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the energy consumption of the organization as a whole. You need professional degrees in either sociology, marketing, business administration, or an allied field to pursue careers in business sustainability.

Besides the above-mentioned careers, there are many more avenues that one can explore,  including being a sustainability coordinator, a researcher, an environmental consultant, a sustainable design coordinator, zero-waste program manager, etc. A career in sustainability management in India offers opportunities to improve the air quality, help conserve the environment, and make the world a better place for present and future generations. There are multiple pathways to enter the field of sustainability. You need to decide which one is most suitable for you. Connect with LaunchMyCareer for a better understanding of your interests, aptitudes and skills to know which is the right career for you. The internationally certified career coaches at LaunchMyCareer enable you to make an informed decision and lead a successful life of contentment.