Science, commerce, or humanities – which stream should you take in class 11? This million dollar question begins to haunt students from the time they step into class 9. Stream selection puts students at a crossroads of careers where subject choice decides the course for their future. Choosing your stream not only gives way to the direction of higher education but also influences your chances of success and happiness. Choosing a stream just for the sake of making a decision when you’re young may put you at the risk of leading a dissatisfied life down the road. It’s important to exercise caution at this juncture and avoid regretting your decision.

It’s not just about stream selection, it’s about shaping your future. As a student, the first step towards changing the direction of your life and taking a hold of your career begins when you embark on the process of stream selection for class 11th. Class 11 stream selection is an arduous process with a potential to cause sleepless nights and turn harmless discussions into full blown arguments between you and your parents. It doesn’t need to be like this. 

While selecting a stream, it is best to sit back and reflect on a few questions to help you make an informed choice you won’t regret. 

What each stream entails

Picture your career to a chocolate ganache cake that’s dripping with chocolate frosting, and the subjects you choose form the base of the cake! The cake is as important as the ganache in between the layers. Take care to bake a nice firm cake, or else the ganache will sink right in and spoil it. Similarly, one needs to be careful of the subjects one chooses, for they form the foundation of life ahead. 

Before you decide which stream to choose, you need to be aware of the subjects therein. Depending on the board, completing the CBSE, ICSE, IB exam, or state board, either in English or a native language, is compulsory. Various subject combinations are available for different schools and boards, so choose wisely.

Science: everything practical & technical

As most of you know, science is the study of practical subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, biotechnolology, computers, nanotechnology, and more. The science stream is for those who want to go into scientific research, healthcare, engineering, et cetera, and also for those who enjoy these subjects and are still not sure what exactly it is they want to pursue as a career. 

Career options: Doctor, engineer, scientist, web developer, pilot, defense forces, software engineer, astronomer

Commerce: everything business & finance

The primary areas of focus in this stream are economics, commerce, business studies, and accountancy. This stream is for those who want to get into finance, trade, government, taxation, banking, business management, or entrepreneurship, etc. As a stream, commerce is interesting for those with a knack for business and allied fields. 

Career options: Chartered accountant, company secretary, business manager, banker, marketing manager, etc.

Humanities: everything creative & philosophical

Despite its common perception, humanities is no longer limited to careers in teaching and fine art. Studying humanities opens up a plethora of unexplored opportunities. It is a popular choice for those who want to get into Indian administrative services, psychology, hospitality, editing, and more. Subjects in this stream include history, geography, political science, English, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, human rights, and home sciences.

Career options: Administrative services, historian, psychologist, journalist, lawyer, chef, author, etc.

Besides the subjects listed above, different education boards in India offer many other subjects in each stream. Students must check with their school for the same before selecting a stream.

What do you enjoy?

A 14-year-old student in class 9 may not be sure of what they want to be in the future. At such a juncture, you must evaluate your interests and what you really enjoy doing. Do you like to dive deep into the mysteries of the universe, or would you instead rather spend your time whipping up a mysterious crime thriller? If it’s the former, science is what you must choose, but if the latter is your calling then you are more of a humanities person.

What are you good at?

As a young student, you may enjoy playing word games, but the question is, are you good at them? Knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses is key to making a confident stream selection. To truly understand what you are good at, ask yourself some questions. What comes naturally to me? What can I do effortlessly or with minimal effort? What are my skills? Make a note of the answers and study them carefully to know your strengths.

Guard against blending in

Just because your entire friend circle is choosing science doesn’t mean that you need to do the same. When it comes to your class 11 stream selection, it is better to be a lone ranger than follow the herd. You should be aware of your skills, interests, and abilities before you make a choice. Also, remember that it is possible to switch streams in class 12 if you realize that a certain subject or stream is not meant for you.

When in doubt, seek a counsellor

The question is, how does one know what you are good at? Self-discovery is not an easy process, and sometimes it feels it takes a lifetime just to know yourself. Don’t worry, we have just what you need!

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Proper stream selection is an essential ingredient in the recipe of career success. The choice of stream can decide how a student’s life will pan out. It is an important aspect of education that determines the stability of a career, leading to success and happiness. Move from confusion to clarity with LaunchMyCareer by your side through this decision.