“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” said Chinese philosopher Confucius. When you enjoy what you do, there is no pressure; you want to go to work every day and you look forward to it. If you choose your career wisely, you tend to relish it. A great career doesn’t happen by fluke. It requires meticulous planning, dedicated effort and a positive attitude. Planning your career is the right way to climb the ladder of success. But how do you define success? How do you get your dream job and receive a pay check every month? It is actually a combination of both – when you have financial stability and are enjoying your life simultaneously, that’s when you are successful!

Choosing your occupation

Choosing a career isn’t always about doing what you love. It’s more about choosing something that you are good at. If you wish to have a successful career, deciding what you want to do is the starting point. Brainstorm your likes, dislikes and interests. Make a list of things you love to do and those that you are good at. Go for career counselling to help you navigate your core career journey with clarity and confidence. Experts in the field can provide answers to all the doubts in your mind while helping you identify your strengths.

Take the initiative

Once you have decided which career to pursue, it is time to take action and smell success in your career. Start taking initiatives that will bring you closer to your goal. Research new developments in your field to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings. Participate in related competitions, contests and forums. Being a member of appropriate clubs and contributing actively toward them works wonders for personality development while enhancing your resume.

Opt for short courses

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to hone your skills and add to your knowledge bank. There are multifarious online courses waiting for your attention. Explore your options and solicit referrals to help you pursue short courses along with your schooling, to sharpen your skills and learn new things. Online courses can benefit you immensely in the long run. They will add to your worth and you will gain an added edge to help you stand out from your peers.

Networking is key

It is always advisable to network with professionals in your chosen field. Connecting with professionals helps in broadening your perspective. Talk to alumni, reach out to relatives, or family friends who may be in the industry of your choice. This has dual benefits – one, you get first-hand information about your future career from someone who has experienced it all; second, your chances of securing an internship with them also increase.  In most instances, internships lead to positive recommendations and can be extremely helpful during job searches and placements.

Keep a positive attitude

No matter how difficult things might seem in the beginning, or at any point in a career pathway, always try to keep a positive attitude. A negative attitude disturbs your mental health. It also affects your productivity and can become a hindrance in the pursuit of your professional goals. In order to remain upbeat, indulge in your favourite activities, from time to time. Spend time with your loved ones and give adequate attention to your hobbies. Frequent breaks work like an elixir, giving you the much-needed impetus to carry forth with energy and enthusiasm. Physical activities like games and exercise do wonders for a positive mindset.

Circle of well-wishers

Try to surround yourself with encouraging friends who are your biggest cheerleaders and boost your morale, when you feel low. If you find a companion along your journey whose goals and dreams are similar to yours, that’s just a bonus. What’s better than having a partner in your sojourn who understands the trials and tribulations you are going through, and someone whom you can share your innermost thoughts with. Stay away from toxic people, those who dissuade you from your path or even those who seem to be well-wishers but aren’t really happy to see your growth.

Don’t burn bridges

In life, there may be myriad instances where you don’t get along with superiors or peers. Nonetheless, it is advisable to never burn bridges. Avoid spoiling relations to such an extent that you can never face them in the future. You never know who might be your future boss or even a colleague. You wouldn’t want to start your career on an unpleasant note.

There is no one-shot formula to finding career success. However, if you follow the aforementioned points, you shall be on the right track. Good luck with your career endeavours!

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