“Usain Bolt is the fastest runner, while Viswanath Anand has the sharpest mind!”

Parents have big dreams and ambitions for their children, and they desire their precious ones to be as fast as the runner Usain Bolt and as bright as the chess player Viswanath Anand. The reality is that both are attainable given a dedicated regime of physical exercises for a healthy, functioning body in conjunction with regular cognitive workouts to promote a sharp mind.

The ability to think is what separates humans from other creatures and has played a vital role in the evolution of our species. In fact, our brains are constantly evolving due to their involvement in reasoning, compromising, and improving. Every day we see new ideas and innovations emerging & making our lives more comfortable.

If you’ve seen an episode of the reality TV show “Shark Tank”, you are familiar with innovative entrepreneurs showcasing their inventions. Have you noticed anything in common among the pitches and ideas? Well, each of them provides a solution to an everyday problem – and this is possible due to the ability to think and ideate. The main quality found in people who have made significant contributions to the progress of humanity is their ability to think clearly.

You may wonder how to improve a student’s performance using cognitive workouts.

Cognitive exercises enable students to develop observational skills, improve their concentration, think faster, and strengthen memory power,  which can help them retain information provided in class. Regular cognitive exercise can also improve a student’s ability to handle various situations – both favourable and unfavourable.

So how can we train young brains to think better? Here are 7 simple tools that can aid in a student’s cognitive development.

Stay active with a healthy body and mind.

“Exercise is the single best thing you can do for the brain regarding mood, memory, and learning.” – John Ratey.

  • Walking, swimming, and cardio exercises are excellent ways to maintain your body’s preferred shape and reduce the risk of health complications. We all know that eating a balanced and nutritious diet is key to living a long and healthy life too.
  • Studies have shown that exercising regularly helps in maintaining mental and emotional well-being. As a parent, one way you can help your child cope with stress to maintain good mental health is by keeping them active and taking care of their physical health.
  • Volunteering and participating in group activities enhance emotional fitness and resilience by boosting self-esteem. This reduces the risk of depression and promotes one’s happiness. Volunteering also helps students develop life skills and strengthen their social relationships.

Boost your brainpower with a flexible cognitive workout

  • The human brain thrives on challenges and is stimulated by novelty. Take a little bit of time each day to do mental exercises, and you will see rewards. Not sure what to do to work out a student’s critical cognitive skills and improve their performance? Keep reading!
  • Playing different sports develops your attention span, teamwork, decision-making skills, and leadership ability.
  • Playing board games, mind games, or chess makes the brain sharper and enhances concentration.
  • Consider solving word puzzles like jumble and wordle each day. Choose crossword puzzles that challenge you to think. Start at a manageable level, gradually increasing the difficulty.
  • Math problems require focus and attention to help increase mental flexibility and problem-solving skills.


Socializing is a substantial part of a student’s time at school and college, but the fact is it can also help the way your brain performs. Research suggests having a conversation with someone for as little as 10 minutes a day can help enhance intellectual stimulation, resulting in better memory and brain performance. Connecting with family and friends, maintaining good support networks, making time for fun, laughter, and socialization can minimize stress and depression.

Getting creative

In the cognitive workout regime, creative activities like colouring, crafting, and gardening have similar effects on the brain as meditation. Once you browse on Google, you’ll find a massive range of colouring books, gardening tips, and craft lessons for students to match every interest!

If cooking, designing, or an outdoor sport match your interest, challenge yourself to learn a new recipe, design technique, or a new sport. The time spent being creative can make a difference to your brain’s overall functioning.

Read and write your way to a stronger brain

“The brain is like a muscle; books are the diet, and writing is the workout.”- Stewart Stafford.

  • Writing every day is a pronounced cognitive workout. Noting your thoughts in a diary builds a cushion that can keep your brain in working order as you get older, even when the brain experiences inevitable biological changes.
  • Reading books and newspapers have a general effect on thinking skills. Regular reading makes one smarter as it builds vocabulary and increases knowledge.

Break out of your daily routine

Are you a student who has become less productive and low-performing? Are you feeling bored and monotonous with the same daily routine? Is the question of how to improve academic performance of weak students stressing you out? Well, don’t stress!

The best solution is to pause, relax, and reset. It is good to follow a pattern and stay organized. Still, surveys have shown that occasionally changing your daily routine, even in the slightest, is essential for energizing the brain and improving efficiency and productivity to succeed.

Having new experiences and learning new things helps keep your brain on its toes as it continues to face new challenges. How about starting a new sport, a hobby, learning a foreign language, or how to play a musical instrument?

Engage in mindfulness

One of the most effective brain exercises is meditation. Meditation improves focus, empathy, and even immunity.

A student should have sound and sufficient sleep for general well-being and smooth cognitive function, giving the body enough time to repair and rejuvenate for another day of learning and studying.

Start your workout today!

The brain plays a huge part in our personal development. Maintaining your brain in fit condition can give you a head start towards success, particularly during your studies. Your mind is like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets. A cognitive workout routine starting from a young age is essential to train the brain to act and react.

Are you ready to turn your downtime into brain-boosting time? If you are looking for proper guidance and mentoring in this process, consider turning to LaunchMyCareer. Their career coaches will help you plan the cognitive workout through self-discovery, skill enhancement, and help to holistically solve your quest for improved performance.