Everyone knows that hard work is the key to success. But did you know that working smart is the key to staying successful? Whether you are a student or a professional, if you want to stay on top of your game, you must accentuate your journey with smart apps. Life in the digital era has become so much simpler with apps and online platforms. From making resumes to expanding your network, apps can help you to home your skills, enhance career opportunities, and create the right impression.

Here are 5 career apps for students that can boost your career in unimaginable ways:


Rare is a person who hasn’t heard of LinkedIn! This social networking platform is the first stepping stone to a career journey. If you are not on LinkedIn, you are almost considered invisible in the corporate world.  From students to CEOs, a LinkedIn profile is a must-have for everyone who wants to create a credible presence. The app offers a thriving digital space for individuals to showcase their resumes, achievements, and accolades. It is a great platform to network with peers, industry experts, media honchos, government officials, and more to make meaningful connections. 

LinkedIn is a top platform for professional networking and career development, and allows job seekers to post their CVs and for employers to post jobs. A myriad of features like LinkedIn Learning, profile building, communities, inmail, and messaging make it a great app for career guidance. What are you waiting for? Make a LinkedIn profile right away if you haven’t got one! 

The Podcast App

Having a great career involves staying inspired. The Podcast App is just what you need for your daily dose of inspiration. With over 500,000 podcasts, audiobooks, and songs, this app is certainly a game-changer. Podcasts are audio versions of messages recorded by authors, influencers, and leaders who want to spread their message to a larger population. You will find many bloggers in this space as well, who turn their blog posts into podcasts for the listener’s convenience. 

Listening to podcasts is a great way to enhance your career as they contain priceless information from veterans who have encapsulated their life lessons into audible nuggets of wisdom. You can access a huge amount of insights, expertise, and secrets to career wealth simply by listening to podcasts. If you aren’t one to read books, or have little time to read, podcasts can be just your thing. Many authors record audio versions of their books specifically for people like you.  Available for free download on android devices, the Podcast App is your valued learning capsule for on the go.


A huge part of most job profiles involves written communication – emails, presentations, blogs, press releases, social media posts, and more. If you haven’t been reaping the benefits of Grammarly as your writing assistant, it’s time to pull up your socks! Grammarly helps you to write in English like a pro. 

It is an editing app that checks for spelling and grammatical errors as you write. You can create a Grammarly account online and enjoy the perks of having a personal writing assistant! It has a host of free features along with some premium paid ones. Worry not, the free version is great for those who don’t wish to spend an extra few bucks. It is one of the top apps to improve your skills and boost your career!


Language connects people from all over the world. Individuals who know more than two languages certainly have an upper hand in their career journey. Learning a new language can open up a myriad of opportunities for you. 

With Duolingo, learning a new language has never been easier. The app teaches as many as 29 languages in an easy-to-learn fun format. It is especially helpful for those planning to go abroad for education or those working in a company with global offices. You can download Duolingo for free on both android and iOS devices.


LaunchMyCareer is a first of its kind, age appropriate career success platform that promises to handhold the complete journey of an individual from school to college, and from college to career. LaunchMyCareer offers comprehensive career guidance to students to help them navigate a bright and successful future.

LaunchMyCareer’s anywhere anytime accessibility with immersive tools helps students discover unique careers, unlock their individual potential, and gives them plenty of resources to help make informed decisions. With 800+ careers to explore and VR-based videos to experience work life in a real setting, it is the most advanced that career exploration can get.

This app for career guidance suggests careers on the basis of students’ personality traits, helps them make a personalized resume, and steers their career journey in the right direction. LaunchMyCareer is one of the best career apps for students as well as parents, as their internationally certified career coaches provide guidance to enable children to lead happy and confident lives.